Photoshop Workshops

model with wings

No matter if you want to learn how to reduce a photo in size, insert a logo or how to do a major fantasy composing à you are at the righ place!

We offer Photoshop trainings for any knowledge level and about anything that is necessary for photo retouching.

Fantasy Bildbearbeitung

Angela is a photographer and started photo retouching at the age of 12(!). Of course, at that stage it was just a small compact camera and an initial version of Photoshop, but she through self-training, course attendance, trying and finding-out as well as many years of experience, she does now possess a vast knowledge about this program and its features – and is happy to share her artistic and technical knowledge with you!

Fantasy Bilder

…it is not a question about knowing beforehand how to retouch – it is about the development of the feeling to have the perfect photo in your mind and to know, how to get it through Photoshop…

Deine Vorstellung

..„not possible?“ – does not exist! With Photoshop and your fantasy everything is possible. You simply have to know, how to do it… and I can teach you this skill and knowledge!

I have worked at times for an agency that wanted 70kg models look like they have only 50kg. Quite difficult initially, especially if the photos were not taken in a professional photo studio. But in time you learn to use the program features and learn new tricks, too: by watching countless Youtube-videos, visiting dozens of PS-workshops, questioning friends and others, ideas from Instagram, etc. later… then suddenly: YES! I can do it!

No matter how the final photo exists in your mind. This is what we want! Of course, you can bring your own photos, where you do not know how to retouch them, to a course. We will help you to retouch these photos so you achieve the result you want. Of course: no small resolution photo taken with a mobile/GSM, but in raw data format as large as possible.

You are interested in a Photoshop Workshop?!

Please contact us and ask for your Photoshop workshop of your liking and subject.

Picture cutting, basic retoucing, change in lighting, great photos “without Photoshop”- but with a little help of Photoshop – that’s what Rolf, “derFotoKrebs” will explain to you.

Fantasy retouching, making ladies’ photos happy (meaning: a bit thinner, no spots, bright eyes) and more… this is Angela’s field of expertise.

We are here for you. Please let us know, what you want to learn and we will set up a taylor-made Photoshop Workshop for you!